Recent Releases 1/16/2018

PROJECTS RELEASED Resource Connections Reports “Resource Connections” in the Service Reports columns replaces “Resource Referrals” There are 3 reports now available to provide you with Resource Connection and Information Shared data “Resource Connections” – This report will display all connections made within the date range specified. The connections displayed will be for those families that

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TUTORIAL: Resource Connections for Child Screenings

TUTORIAL – Resource Connections for Child Screenings (link to Knowledgebase article) RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION FOR A CHILD SCREENING From the child’s Screenings page, there is a list of all screenings conducted. In this example, the latest screening is an ASQ-3 conducted on 10/1/2017. There is a Developmental Delay indicated but no referral made. To

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Tutorial: Resource Connections

RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION  (download a pdf version of this post from our Knowledgebase article.) Note: Resource Connections recorded as a result of a child screening are recorded directly on the Child Screening record. Not in the guardian tab as demonstrated here. RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION FROM THE GUARDIAN TAB The “Resource Connection” section is

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