New Feature and Fixes Released 8/3/2018


We’ve made some improvements to the Preferences section under the Main Admin’s Setup


  • We’ve received some requests to make the email verification a function that can be turned on or off so that guardians aren’t receiving automated messages when you first enter their information.
  • In “Guardian Fields to Display”, the first in the list is Email verification where you can now control.
  • Everyone’s account has the function turned on. So if you no longer want email verifications to be sent, then set it to ‘No’.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are using the “Send email” feature at all, email verifications should be set to ‘Yes’.


  • The list of assessments has been growing. You can now control which ones you want to see in that list.
  • In Preferences, we’ve added “Family / Guardian Assessments to Display”. Only have those assessments you are using set to “Yes”.
  • NOTE: Only the assessments set to “Yes” will show in the list when adding a new assessment and the Assessment Reports section.

Each section in Preferences is now expandable and collapsable. Hopefully, this will help reduce the amount of scrolling as we continue to add more controls for you.


HFA LEVELS – The new levels and weights have been updated for all HFA programs.

CUSTOM REPORT ACCOUNTS – The start date default can now be set by you! Go to Profile > Set Start Date for Reports. The end date will now default to the current date.

SITE/FUND CODE – The Site/Fund Code is now fully editable. Any incorrect entries can be fully edited or deleted in the history table at the bottom of the Guardian Data page.


APR Section II #12 – The issue with prenatals being counted in this section has been corrected.

Child Health Record Immunizations – “Immunizations Current as of” field on the Child Data page is now updated by the “Immunizations up to date” information on the Child Health Record.

Child Exit Report – The Exit Report for exited children is now functioning correctly.


Licensing Agreement Finalized with PAT

Visit Tracker Web and Parents As Teachers have finalized a licensing agreement which allows our Users to build PAT Records in Visit Tracker.

This license will ensure that you can use Visit Tracker as your chosen database to demonstrate how your program follows the essential requirements of the PAT model and the Quality Assurance process.

As changes are made to Essential Requirements and model fidelity standards, Visit Tracker will work with Parents As Teachers National to ensure that we understand what those changes are and incorporate them into Visit Tracker Web.

We look forward to continue serving you.

Visit Tracker Web is the MIECHV Software for Illinois

Visit Tracker Web already fulfilled 95% of the requirements needed by MIECHV grantees in Illinois and has been selected to be their MIECHV software of choice.  A couple items will be customized for their needs so that 100% of their benchmark data will be collected in Visit Tracker Web.  Programmers will be adding contraception tracking and additional assessments in use by Illinois home visitors.  The PICCOLO, KIDI, and Parenting Stress Index are among the assessments that will be added.  The HOME assessment was recently finished and is also in use in Illinois.

Illinois joins other states such as Texas, Washington, Missouri and others in choosing Visit Tracker for their MIECHV needs.  These states have PAT, HFA, Even Start and other home visiting groups that will join together in using Visit Tracker.  One user noted, “In less than 30 days we have more usable information in the system than we were able to input in the system we replaced after an entire year and we spent a fraction of the cost – Thank you Visit Tracker!”



Washington and Illinois using Visit Tracker Web for MIECHV

MIECHV software is the main priority for states receiving MIECHV dollars this year.  Software is being evaluated on the availability of data-tracking elements matching each state’s individual benchmark, the ability to fulfil the daily data tracking needs of the individual educators, as well as the ability to produce reports for other local, state, and national needs.  Visit Tracker Web is the leading MIECHV Software for Parents as Teachers and in several states is serving EHS, NFP, and HFA home visiting programs also.  Illinois is the most recent state committing to Visit Tracker Web to provide their MIECHV data-tracking needs.  Winning the contract in Illinois proves that Visit Tracker Web is the most versatile, least expensive, and most customizable software available.  More importantly is the speed at which Visit Tracker Web designers can have any custom elements desired put into the system.  A state shouldn’t have to hire a professional software designer to help direct the changes they desire, Visit Tracker Web has one of staff to do all that for you.

MIECHV Software – Visit Tracker

Visit Tracker is the software choice for many MIECHV grantees.  Data tracking elements have been added to measure each MIECHV benchmark.  Recently alcohol and illicit drugs tracking has been added to be tracked along with tobacco use.  The state of Washington is also funding the HOME assessment inside Visit Tracker.  If you are an MIECHV grantee and you need local data tracking software that can easily be rolled up into ad hoc reports for/by your state leaders, check out Visit Tracker now.  With over 7000 clients in all 50 states and Canada, Visit Tracker has learned how to make simple software to do very robust things.  Visit to play in a demo or signup for a free trial account.  The trial account is a fully working version that will continue to be yours if you decide you like it within 60 days.  If not, pay nothing.  MIECHV software and home visiting software can be one in the same.  There is never a need to double enter.  Talk to your state leader and have them look at Visit Tracker Web now.

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software will release PAT APR Report soon!

Home Visiting Software, Visit Tracker Web, is working hard to update the 2012-2013 Annual Performance Report for PAT National Center. We anticipate this report to come out by mid April.  If you have ever done an APR by hand counting all home visits, screening, children and families, you know how time consuming this can be!  With Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software, this report will be done in just minutes.  It really is THAT easy!  Visit our demo in mid April to see the APR report or visit the demo at Visit Tracker Web today to see the many other reports we have in our reports tab.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email any time.  We can be reached at 1-800-532-7148 or  We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software!

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software Internal Help Menu

Did you know that many of the questions you may have about Visit Tracker Web home visiting software, others have too?  You can explore our internal Help tab, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once you have logged into Visit Tracker, click on the HELP tab.  Simply type in a few Key Words to your question and click the go arrow.  For example, if you are looking to learn how to exit a family, type in “exit family”.  You will then see a list of questions and answers that others have asked that are all related to exiting a family.  If you are having questions regarding some of the reports, the Help tab can help you with that too!  In the drop down list under “In”, look for Report Explanations.  This will provide a list of the available reports with full explanations!

If you do not find the answer to your question, you can click on “Ask a Question” on the top menu.  Type in your question with as many details as you can provide, and if your question is submitted during normal business hours (8:00 – 3:00 central time), we will most often answer your question within an hour of your submitting it!

Our internal Help tab is just another avenue for you to get the support you need when working in Visit Tracker Web home visiting software.  Don’t forget, you can always call our 1-800 number (1-800-532-7148) or email us at for support too!

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software

Visit Tracker Web is a leader in home visiting software.  There are currently over 1000 programs using Visit Tracker Web and growing!  We are consistently making updates and changes to meet the needs of our users.  Do you have a question?  You can search our internal Help tab, but if you still can’t find the answer, email or call our 1-800 support line.  We are happy to assist you!  We also have a large library of free online training videos.  If you haven’t checked out our demo recently, we encourage you login and take a look around.  You can visit the demo by visiting