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Did you know that many of the questions you may have about Visit Tracker Web home visiting software, others have too?  You can explore our internal Help tab, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once you have logged into Visit Tracker, click on the HELP tab.  Simply type in a few Key Words to your question and click the go arrow.  For example, if you are looking to learn how to exit a family, type in “exit family”.  You will then see a list of questions and answers that others have asked that are all related to exiting a family.  If you are having questions regarding some of the reports, the Help tab can help you with that too!  In the drop down list under “In”, look for Report Explanations.  This will provide a list of the available reports with full explanations!

If you do not find the answer to your question, you can click on “Ask a Question” on the top menu.  Type in your question with as many details as you can provide, and if your question is submitted during normal business hours (8:00 – 3:00 central time), we will most often answer your question within an hour of your submitting it!

Our internal Help tab is just another avenue for you to get the support you need when working in Visit Tracker Web home visiting software.  Don’t forget, you can always call our 1-800 number (1-800-532-7148) or email us at for support too!

The Texas Home Visiting HRSA report was submitted on time!

The MIECHV software, Visit Tracker Web,  was used by all Early Head Start and Parents As Teachers MIECHV programs in Texas last week to submitt their HRSA report on time.  State leaders say that the report was submitted on time and “looked good”.  The consulting company overseeing the MIECHV texas project stated they “very much appreciate all of the good, hard work and support you guys have provided” when reporting to Visit Tracker support how well the process is going.  Visit Tracker has made considerable modifications to their product to track MIECHV benchmarks and constructs and users from all MIECHV grantees are benefiting from the new data tracking elements.  If you are in need of a tracking system for your home visiting program or MIECHV home visiting program, please contact Visit Tracker Web support/sales at 1-800-532-7148 .  Visit Tracker is extremely fairly priced and has been identified as the least cost and most user friendly system on the market.  Support is considered the best in the software industry with free training, toll free support, and immediate responses for support needs.

Illinois & Iowa Home Visiting programs using Visit Tracker Web

MIECHV grantees in Illinois and Iowa are currently using Visit Tracker Web to track MIECHV data and state leaders are discovering how Visit Tracker Web developers can develop state collection systems to collect the data from MIECHV sites.  The Texas department of Health and Human Services was the leader in using Visit Tracker Web for a MIECHV software collection system at the state level and many are benefiting from their forward thinking.  Currently all benchmarks are either already tracked inside Visit Tracker Web or the methods to track are currently in the programming process.  If your agency or state is in need of a MIECHV software system for the agency or state level, please contact MIECHV software specialists at DataKeeper Technologies at 1-800-532-7148.

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