9/8/16 – We have implemented a more fixes today

Thank you for hanging in there with us!!  Here are some items that we have fixed:

  • Watermark on labels is gone.
  • Canceled visits now turn Grey on Calendar.
  • When scheduling a visit on the calendar, Home Visitor only see their families.
  • Non-Actives lists will only show those guardians/children assigned to the Home Visitor.
  • Non-Actives list is sorted by Last Name.
  • We still encourage Internet Explorer for creating PVRs. Additional issues with error messages on PVRs was also fixed.

Fixes you will see tomorrow:

  • Exit summary Reports will be available on Exited Children.
  • Calendar export feature.
  • Not being able to delete guardian/child will be fixed
  • Canceling Visit will re-direct you to reschedule the visit, as it used to.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and we are sorry for frustrations and inconveniences!!!