Tips and Tricks – July 31, 2017

Have you had a recent change in staff?  Here is an easy way to reassign the caseload and deactivate the home visitor or delete additional admin:

  • The program admin for the account can go to the Home Visitor tab and choose the Home Visitor they want to deactivate from the pop down list.
  • If the HV has no children assigned to them, just choose the “Deactivate” button at the bottom of the screen. That’s it. You’re done. The educator is essentially gone from the list. (If they had history with a child, the history will still show that educator, but you will not be charged for this educator)
  • If the HV currently has children assigned to them, there will be a “reassign children” button at the bottom. Click the “reassign children” button and choose a new educator for each child. Click “Refresh” when finished and you’ll see the children are changed. Click “close window” when finished. Then, on that Educator screen, there will be a “Deactivate” button to actually deactivate that educator.
  • Once an home visitor is deactivated, they can no longer log in and no longer show up in the drop down lists for reports and you will no longer be charged for them. If you want the educator to not be able to log in, but you want to keep them listed in the drop down list for at least awhile so you can run reports for them, don’t deactivate them, just “Disable” login so they can’t log in.
  • To get rid of “helper Administrator” accounts you no longer need, go to SETUP and choose “Addl Admin” on the left and simply delete those you do not need.


Did you know there is a way to add user fields to Visit Tracker?

  •  An Administrator can add user defined fields which are fields that you name to track items Visit Tracker does not already track.  First of all, an administrator should go to the Set Up tab, and then “Preferences” to make sure there isn’t a field for what you want but it’s just turned off because it’s optional.
  • If you truely need a new field, then go into the SETUP tab, and on the left, you will see a “user fields” link (main administrative accounts only).   You can put in up to 4 user fields on both the Guardian and the Child.  Put in the name of the field, and then the home visitors will be able to enter the data.


Medical Visits for Children and Guardians. 

  • If your organization would like to start tracking medical visits for your children and families, the main admin for the program will need to turn these fields “on”.  Go to the Set Up and on the left, click on the Preferences link.  You will see there will be an option for child medical visits and guardian medical visits.  Turn these field “on”.
  • To enter data, you will be able to enter from the PVR or the “Health Info” link.
  • We have recently added reports for this under the Reports tab, and Health Info reports.