Update to Family Links and Setup

Over the weekend we released an update to the Family section links and the Setup section. Here’s a summary of each section’s updates.


“Household” and “Guardians and Children” have been been removed from the links. Those are now located in “Family Home”.

  • From Family Home, you still navigate to the Family/Guardian/Child Data pages
  • *PAT Programs – PAT Records Review/Update section is also now available in the Family Home section

“Demographics” and “Health Info” are now combined into 1 called “Demographic/Health” section.

  • All items that were present in these sections are still present in this combined section.
  • Top of the page starts with Family Demographics, followed by Guardian Demographics, and then the Guardian Health Info items.
  • *PAT Programs – Completing this section along with the Family/Guardian Data page will complete the Family Intake, Family Information and Guardian Information records.


There is now a My Account set of links and Preferences set.

My Account

These are the sections for managing your account and your users like the account holder Profile, Invoices, User Management and Data Sharing.


Any page in Visit Tracker where the Admin can manage fields and show/not show items has its own Preferences page now.

*Key updates

  • Referral Sources is now located in the Family/Child Data section
  • Demographic and Health Info fields can be managed in the “Demographic/Health” section
  • Exit Reasons and Hold Reasons have been combined into the “Exit/Hold Status” section

Let us know if you have any questions.