Updated: HIPPYUSA Families & Home Visits Report

The HIPPYUSA Quarterly Report – Families and Home Visits has been updated. Here’s a summary of the updates:

  • Added the “Little Learners” language
  • Pop-ups for “Completed or Still Serving” and “Dropped” numbers
  • Guardian Languages – “None” for Secondary Language will include no data and “None” selections
  • Correction to the Child tables that were reporting no data
  • The excel was updated with new columns – Child Status, Child Enroll Date, Child Exit Date, Last PVR Curriculum Year, and Last PVR Packet number

Coming next week – Accreditation Report

An Accreditation report will be released the beginning of next week. It will be at the top of the HIPPY Reports column and provide programs with data related to the standards in the Accreditation Worksheets.