Updates 05-16-2022

Here’s an overview of the 2 latest updates that took place over the past 2 weekends.


Form 2 IL

You can now choose which constructs to run the report for. If you are only needing a few constructs to view, use the new “Constructs” filter.

IL Data Summary (formerly the IL Report Card)

  • The IL Data Summary report has been updated to match Form 1 and Form 2 IL updates that have taken place over the past couple of months.
  • Programs can now run the IL Data Summary report from their accounts and will still be able to review reports run by IL State. There are 2 Ready to View tables for reports generated by your account and those generated by the state.
  • The report is located in the State/Admin column MIECHV Reports

Form 1 Excels

2 columns were added to the Family and Guardian excels (already present on the Child excel)

  • Special Care Need? – This column will display “Y” if in the Child health Info page the Delays, disabilities, conditions table is set to Yes for the question “Diagnosed delay, disability, med condition?”
  • In Welfare? – This column will display “Y” if the family has an open Child Welfare Involvement record in the report date range.

Learn more about the Child Welfare Involvement section in this article.

MO Invoice Final

The Resource Connections section has been updated to report all the Connection Type categories present in Visit Tracker.

AmeriCorps Updates

The Reduced Time member position has been updated from 600 hours to 675 hours beginning the 2021-2021 Service Term.

Family Spirit

The Personal Visit Record has been updated to allow for child attendance to be indicated, location field edit and some other small updates.

Archived Families List

Helper Admins can now access the Archived Family list.