Visit Tracker adds features for MIECHV software users!

Visit Tracker Web developers recently added several new features for all their users.  MIECHV software users using Visit Tracker Web had expressly requested these features.  The child screening tracking area was expanded to better track developmental screenings, hearing & vision screenings, and general health screenings.  While the ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE are the most widely used developmental screening tools, any agency can use any developmental screening tool approved by their agency and the scores should fit nicely into Visit Tracker Web.  Specific score areas are also available for vision screening and  hearing tools such as the OAE.  Reports enable users to see exactly how many clients were found to have a concern in the areas of development, hearing, vision, & health as well as the individual areas inside development including language, fine motor, gross motor, intellectual/problem solving, personal-social, and social-emotional domains.  To find out more about Visit Tracker Web, especially if you are looking for MIECHV tracking software, please contact DataKeeper Technologies at 1-800-532-7148 or