What’s to come in the new year

As we’re wrapping up an extraordinary 2020 year, I’d like to mention some things to come in the new year. Here are some notable projects planned for the first quarter.

Coordinated Intake is getting an overhaul

This project is currently in progress and will be completed and released by the end of January. Updates for this project include:

  • More than 1 incoming referral can be recorded for a family.
  • For each incoming referral, both home visiting and community partner referrals can be documented.
  • Each referral’s progress can be updated through completion

PAT Affiliate Performance Report Updates

Updates to the APR are scheduled for the beginning of 2021. We’ve received the APR updates from PATNC. The updates will include updates to all supporting reports such as the PMR, Screening Compliance, Family-Centered Assessment Compliance, etc.

HIPPYUSA Quarterly Report

Updates to the HIPPY Families and Home Visits Report are scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

New Assessments!

You’ve been asking for several new assessments to be added to Visit Tracker over this past year. We hear you and are working on getting these assessments into the system ASAP!

Setup and Customization

We’re always looking for ways to give you more control over YOUR Visit Tracker. We’ll be improving and adding to the SETUP section allowing for further customizations of the various sections in Visit Tracker.

We can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing with families and children in your communities. Know that we are working hard to support your work and what you need to stay focused on your families.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!