You asked… Updates as of 2/18/2022

We’ve recently released some updates related to questions and suggestions you have submitted.

Here’s an overview of the updates.

PAT Records > Participation Agreement Date

When adding the Participation Agreement date on the Family Data page, the date will be added to the PAT Records Annual Review/Update table. Each time the field is updated from the Family Data page, the PAT Records Annual Review/Update will also be updated and keep a history of the updates.

Family Income

When indicating “Prefer not to report” on a Family Income entry, the Family Income table will show “prefer not to report” under the %FPL column.

Books loaned and given on the PVR for programs that are not PAT

Any programs that are not a PAT program can now take advantage of the Books Loaned and Books Given entries on the Personal Visit Record. Go to SETUP > PG/PVR > Preferences to turn those fields on. They will then show at the bottom of the PVR.

Keep your suggestions coming!