You asked… Updates over Thanksgiving break

There have been some updates to Visit Tracker over the Thanksgiving break based on the suggestions we’ve received.

Here’s a summary of those updates.

Supervision Records

There’s a new preference under SETUP > SUPERVISION to allow home visitors the ability to view their own supervision records.

  • Set this preference to “Yes” to allow a home visitor to view the complete supervision record that was completed by the supervisor. Home visitors will only be able to view the Individual Supervision Sessions assigned to them.
  • The preference defaults to “No”.

All Family Supervision Notes can now be viewed by all admins and read-only admins.

CESD and HITS Assessment Records

Resource Connections can now be added directly to the CESD and HITS assessment records.

New Assessment Reports

2 new reports are available under Assessment Reports.

  • Assessment Report – Will list all assessments conducted in the date range
  • Assessment Review – Will list all families and the latest assessment conducted in the date range. For this report, you specify the specific assessment to review. The families listed are those that are Active, Inactive or Exited in the date range of the report.

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PAT Records Review Report

The Enroll Date has been added to the PAT Records Annual Review report. This report is located in the PAT Reports section.

Family Data Export

The %FPL has been added to the Family Data export. Data exports are located under the General Reports column in the Reports section.

Thank you for all your suggestions!