2021-2022 APR Tips and Tricks

As you work to finish your APR, our goal is to make submitting your APR easy and painless! If you have any additional questions about your APR, please feel free to contact us. You can submit a ticket under the Support tab, email help@data-keeper.com, or call 1-800-532-7148.

The 21-22 APR has quite a few different requirements for “new” families and children. Please be sure to review the information provided from PATNC. Also, you can review our help article regarding changes here.

Here are a few frequently asked questions we have received:

Question: In past years I was able to change the date parameters on the APR to fit other time parameters and use the data for reporting to funders during quarterly check ins on different fiscal timeline. This was helpful and made my job a lot easier when it came to reporting to funders.

Answer: The 2021-2022 APR updates put out by PATNC have very specific dates indicated in many of the APR items. Those dates are based on a 12 month reporting period of 7/1/2021 – 6/30/2022. We have updated the PMR, and that report will allow you to select your date range. Additionally, there are very specific definitions for counting NEW families and children to be counted as either newly enrolled before the reporting period or during the reporting period.
If you need to run the report monthly, quarterly, etc, you can still run the 20-21 APR/PMR.  There will be some differences with the “New” families and children, so we suggest that you still run that annually with the 21-22 APR. You can also run the compliance reports. Those will also allow you to enter an “end date”.

Question: I am running my APR report and I am missing data in Section IV. Personal Visits, IV5 thru IV8.

Answer: For IV 5-8, you will need to use the spreadsheet from Section 1 to figure out your totals. We will give you the average monthly visits conducted by each home visitor. There are too many variables for us to give answers here.
Go back to Section 1 and click the “Home Visitor Data” export. This export will assist you in answering those questions.

Question: When I run the APR, under group connections (V3) it is showing only 1 male caregivers attended group connections.  When I run Group Connections Report under report tab, it shows the total number of fathers present per group connection.  What do I need to do to reflect the total number of father present on the APR?  

Answer: We will count Male caregivers that are added as an additional guardian for the family and then added to the attendance for the group.
There is a question on the group connection record about how many father’s attended a group, but we can’t use this number since we don’t know if it was one dad that attended 5 groups, or 5 dads that each attended one group (if that makes sense!).  
Using the guardian data is the best way to get the most accurate data, but if you aren’t entering those male guardians, then you may need to look at the group attendance and just fill that in.