Emailing from Visit Tracker

Did you know that you can email guardians, individually or in mass, straight from Visit Tracker?

When you set up a new guardian, and enter an email address, the guardian will automatically be emailed a “verification” email from us, on your behalf.  The email will be sent from a Visit Tracker email, but your name will be the sender.  Here is a copy of the email that guardians will receive (Ellen Vaughn is the Home Visitor, and the program is listed as Demo Parents as Teachers):

(click on the picture for a lager view)

The guardian will need to click the link to verify his/her email address.  Once this process has been completed, you will see an envelope icon on the guardian data page.  If you continue to see the “verify email” link, that means that the guardian has not yet clicked the link to verify the email address.  You can send the link again by clicking the “verify email” link.  You will be able to send this email 3 times and then the email will be locked.  You will need to contact us to reset the verification.  You can email help@data-keeper and let us know that you have guardians that need their verifications reset.

To email the guardian, click on the envelope and you will be taken to the email page where you will be able to prepare and send the email.

In addition to sending individual emails, any admin can also send mass emails.  If you have a newsletter, or groups meeting you want to share with your families, you can simply email them all!  To do this, go to the Guardian tab, and on the left hand side, click on the “Send Email” link.

You will be taken to the Email filters page.  Select the filters, and then click to “Display Emails”.

The list of families that meet the filters will be listed for you to review (note, only guardians with a “verified” email will be listed).  If that all looks correct, then you can create your email.

Fill in the subject line, and the body of the email. You can also add an attachment, if you would like.


If you have additional questions about emailing, please let us know!