Timing Out Issues

There have been timing out issues over the past couple of weeks. We see the issues as they are happening and work hard to analyze and correct as quick as possible.

We have identified 2 things thus far that cause these issues and want to share with you what we have found and corrections we’ve taken.

Sessions refreshing – We reset the server to refresh all sessions at 3:30AM CST each night. We discovered that the default settings were such that this was taking place during work hours which resulted in you all getting kicked out while doing your data entry.

Reports – Some reports take a few minutes to load. While waiting for 1 report to load, it’s common to go ahead and run another report while waiting for the first. This is causing session time outs as well and slows report performance. We haven’t solved this problem yet but will. In the meantime, please allow a report to load before running another one.

Please continue to let Support know when you experience time outs. We know how frustrating this is for you and we are working very hard to eliminate this issue.