Family Information Record Updates

Fields have been updated and added related to the PAT – Family Information Record.

Here’s the link to the Knowledgebase article that has the details and screenshots.


Family Experiences: Strengths and Stressors

  • “High Needs Characteristics” and “Additional Characteristics” has been updated with the new “Strengths and Stressors” list. All previous fields have been matched to the new fields, many of which still had the same name or very similar. The big difference is the Start and End Date fields.
  • IMPORTANT: No reports have been updated to account for the Start and End Date fields. Visit Tracker should be receiving guidance on how the APR will report Family Experiences from PAT in the 2018-2019 APR Instructions this summer. At that point, we’ll gain insight into all other reports and the update needed.

Family Income History

  • Selections have been edited and added to the “Income Type”. 

Community Type

  • A new field “Community Type” was added to the Guardian Data page.