Project Update 3/20/2018

Here’s an update on the latest happenings and what to look forward to.


Report Processing – Some of the more complex reports have a Pending and Ready feature. Since those reports sometimes take longer to run, they will get added to the Pending section and allowed more time to process allowing you to move on to other things. Once ready, it will appear in the Ready to View section.

Monthly Package

  • Family Synthesis Record – Printer-friendly version added. Text box to list other tools used to complete the record
  • Calendar can be printed in color

MO Invoice Report – This report has been updated to include Section IV

MIECHV Form 1 – Any guardians or children that have been re-enrolled in the program and have a second enroll date will be counted as Continuing in Table 1.

Coordinated Intake – CI Agencies can now give individuals access to their account as read-only admins

HIPPY Group Connection Report – This report has been corrected and is reporting correctly.


Family Information Record – Needed fields to complete the Family Information Record are being added to Visit Tracker. Once released, details of the new fields will be sent out prior to the release.

  • Note – One bigger change to note with this record is that the Demographics page will be updated with a new Family Stressors list. Still similar to the current checkboxes in High Needs and Additional Characteristics with the addition of Start and End Dates being added.


Guardian Information Record

File Uploads – Visit Tracker will integrate with DropBox to add file uploading capability for all users associated with one Visit Tracker account

Site/Fund Code Tracking – Site/Fund Codes will be able to be tracked over time with the ability to add start and end dates and updating codes.

Coordinated Intake – New updates are being added to the Coordinated Intake interface such as archiving applications for CI Agencies, adding Referral Agency lists to designate where applications are being sent if not to a home visiting agency and scheduling of the initial home visit.


These projects are ready and waiting to get started.

  • Reminders – the much-anticipated feature allowing you to set reminders about upcoming data collection needs
  • Resource Connections – updates to match PAT Resource Connection Record


  • Planning Guide and PVR updates
  • Child Health Record
  • Parent Outcome Assessments