Fixes and other important announcements!

We are working as hard as we can to resolve issues that you have brought to our attention.  Thank you for your continued patience!  Here are some items fixed over the weekend:

– Mass guardian emails were not displaying addresses.  Emails can now be sent.

– The Child Exit Summary Report is back in place on the Exited Child list.
– Admin can now “Deactivate” a Home Visitor.
– For some users, the Calendars were not coming up on Family List and Child List.  This is fixed.
– Some users were having issues with Milestones listing “nan/NAN” instead of the date and not saving.  This has been fixed.
– Issues of guardians not showing up on attendance has been resolved.
– When Admin add a new contact on Calendar, the default was not the HV assigned.  This is now fixed.

We have found an error with “Spell Check” on the PVR.  At this time, please do not use Spell Check.  Once this issue is resolved, we will let you know.  Thank you

If you have sent in a question via the Help tab (FAQ), these answers were not be sent out.  Answers to all FAQ questions will be sent today (9/12)and tomorrow (9/13).  Please know that we were able to view all questions and have looked into ALL questions and concerns.  I apologize for the delay in response.  Also, I have received many, many calls.  I am trying my very best to return calls, but am very behind.  Please bare with me.  Thank you.

If you have questions regarding an invoice and/or renewal, at this time, we are unable to send invoices or update accounts, as our accounting system is also being updated.  That should be completed soon and you can expect to see that invoice soon.  If you need an extension due to this delay, just let us know.  Also, any checks that have been received, have not been updated and applied to your account.  We will being updating accounts as soon as that system is back up.  If your organization/school district has sent a check, my guess is that we have received that, we just haven’t been able to update your account.  Please know that we will NOT be suspending any accounts until we are able to process all payments we have received.

We understand that many of these issues have disrupted your day to day work, and we do sincerely apologize.  Please know it is our number one priority to have Visit Tracker working as you expect it to.  We thank you for your ongoing support and patience.