9/14/16 Recent Fixes!

We are continuing everyday to make fixes and improvements to Visit Tracker.  Here are recent updates:

–  Milestones are saving to say “Yes” they have been updated, and are again turning green.
–  Parent Handouts were showing incorrect ½.
–  Parent Handouts and Child Activities are now alphabetized.
–  Planning Guide has been fixed to be rescheduled when contact is changed to Cancel or No Show
–  Admin was unable to add PDC/Trainings for HV with empty “Home Visitor Training/Supervision History”
–  Completed Goals had incorrect completed date
–  Goal will be shown on PVR until it is completed or abandoned
–  The date from the milestone selected from Emerging and Achieved was incorrect, showing the date from a day before
–  Export iCal is back in Visit Tracker
–  Group contacts are now showing on all Home Visitor calendars.

More fixes to come soon: Deleting a Guardian or Child, Expanding text boxes on PVR, MIECHV Form 1, Assessment Reports, Printing Calendar