Improvements and Fixes

First of all, thank you very much for communicating your needs through FAQ’s and Help. Here’s a list of all fixes and improvements that have been released within the last week. We thank you for your patience and continued feedback.

Reports: Assessments

  • HIPPYUSA, PFS and HOME reports were displaying all guardians in the program when a home visitor is logged in. The reports have been fixed and will only show the guardians assigned to that home visitor.
  • Home visitors can now run the KIPS and LSP Family Score Sheet reports.
  • Cooperative Parenting and Divorce (CPD) – The excel file has been corrected.

Reports: Service Counts

  • Prenatal visits will now show on the Service Counts report when running the report ‘By Child’

Reports: Resource Referral

  • The new selections for ‘Did family receive services as a result of this connection?’ are now displaying correctly.

Planning Guide

  • “Connect To” was showing twice. This has been corrected.
  • Resource Connections are now listed from newest to oldest
  • Format was restored to the version before the latest update

Demographics: MIECHV Priority Populations

  • The check box for ‘Pregnant mom under 21’ is now auto-populating correctly

Coordinated Intake

  • CI Agency: The date of the CIAT can now be changed.
  • CI agency: When an admin enters a CIAT, the “agent” name will now show the admin’s name
  • VT Agency: There is now a print version. Click on ‘CIAT’ to view in the web browser. Or click on the print icon to get a printer friendly version.

Other FAQ Submissions

  • The Resource Connection page will now show the connections ordered newest to oldest
  • Mass emailing has been fixed