Custom Reports: Enrollment Summary

Some reports are designed to answer a very specific question. And some are being designed to contain a lot of raw data for deeper analysis. While I was at the TX HIPPY State Office, I designed both types but also found a need to design a report that would address more than 1 reporting requirement. I needed to have a report that could answer the question, “How many guardians were enrolled last month – or last year?” or “How many children did you serve last program year?”. These questions seem pretty straightforward but what defines “enrolled” and “served” might differ slightly depending on who is asking – the program model, a government funding source, private foundation, etc.

I designed 2 reports that would summarize Guardian and Children enrollment and service information. Each reports aggregate numbers for either the children enrolled in Visit Tracker or the guardians. Here’s an overview what’s contained in the reports and the questions they are designed to answer.

Guardian Summary and Children Summary reports

  • Enrolled: How many guardians/children were active as of the last day in the reporting period? The report answers this and breaks it down by who was newly enrolled during the reporting period and who was continuing from the previous reporting period.
  • Served: How many guardians/children had at least one home visit in the reporting period? And how many had no home visit and no contacts at all? Additionally for the children, the report will show how many children were served for each curriculum age
  • New and Exited: How many guardians/children were newly enrolled in the reporting period? How many exited? For those guardians exited, the report will breakdown by Exit Status as well.

This is just a brief overview of these 2 reports. The good thing about custom reports is their ability to grow and change. So in a case like these reports, they can be added to as new questions related to children and guardians are asked.