Latest Improvements & Fixes 2-14-2017


  • Click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to either the ‘Due Date’ or ‘Prenatal Enroll Date’ in order to correct any incorrect information.
  • Reminder: If the Birth Date and Enroll Date fields are locked and not editable, this means that the child is still enrolled as a prenatal child. Once the child is born, go to the Children page in the Guardian section and click ‘enter birth info’. You’ll then be able to complete the birth information for that child.


  • ‘No – family did not qualify’ has been added to the┬álist of follow-up reasons for the question, “Did family receive services as a result of this connection?”
  • This reason will show both in Resource Connections in the Guardian section as well as the Resource Connections in Child Screenings.

Here’s a list of other issues that were reported to us recently and have been resolved.


  • Some minor text changes so the PICCOLO in Visit Tracker matches the language for the most recent version of the PICCOLO.

Reports and Exports

  • Service Counts report was reported as not counting some guardians.
  • Exports not downloading: Some of the exports were remaining in ‘Pending’.
  • EPDS Service Report: One program reported receiving an error message when running the new EPDS Report. This has been resolved. However, this issue was not the case for all programs so please review this report and let us know if you have any issues.


  • When the timeout banner appears for an open PVR, you will be prompted to save your PVR before closing.

Coordinated Intake

  • The email of the intake worker that created the CIAT will show under ‘Agent’. ┬áHovering over the email address will show the full name.

Visit Tracker Functionality

  • The home visitor was not able to delete a Guardian. Functioning properly now.
  • When a family is reassigned to a new home visitor, the Resource Connections will now be passed to the new home visitor.