KS Assessment Exports are ready

Beginning Wednesday, July 17, Kansas programs will be able to run exports for the assessments related to Foundations For School Success. The exports available are:

  • Child and Family
  • ASQ
  • ASQ SE

These exports can be found in the Reports section under the Admin / State / National column – just below KS KIDS. Here are some important details about these exports.

REQUIRED FIELDS – The following fields in Visit Tracker must have data entered for the exports to be successful.

Child State ID – This is the KIDS ID number
District Code
Enroll Date
Date of Birth
Relationship to Primary Guardian
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth

ASQ & ASQ SE DETAILS – A few notes about the ASQ & ASQ SE export

  • ASQ-3 – For the ASQ export be sure to select ASQ-3 (National) as the tool type
  • ASQ-SE2 – For the ASQ SE export be sure to select ASQ-SE2 (National) as the tool type. Also, be sure that the ASQ-SE2 is entered separately from the ASQ-3 screening record.
  • Scores – Scores are required and should be entered as multiples of 5.
  • If any of the Required Primary Guardian fields are blank, then no primary guardian data will be shown on the export.

HOME IT DETAILS – A few notes about the HOME IT export

  • Scores are required
  • Children with no date of birth will be excluded

Let us know if you have any questions.