New Feature – MIECHV Data Tracking

We recently released a new feature for the MIECHV programs in Illinois. From the family and child sections, admins and home visitors can review the data that’s been collected and see what is upcoming for each family member.

Here’s an overview of the new MIECHV Form 2 page:

  • “MIECHV Form 2” is a new page in the Family and Child sections. It’s the last link in the left navigation bar
  • The page lists each family member at the top that is included in Form 2 reporting for the current reporting period.
  • Data Summary – click on Data Summary for each family member to view the status of each construct that is applicable to that member. That section will expand and give you a summary of each construct, the data that has been collected and what’s upcoming.
  • Upcoming Data Collection – This section will list all the upcoming items in 1 section for all family members.
  • Reminders and Data Entry – For all upcoming items, you can set a reminder for that item by clicking on the bell or click on “+” sign to go directly to the data entry page for that item.
  • Printing – You can print each section individually (click on the print icon for each section) or print all sections (click on the print icon at the top right).

Hopefully this feature make your data collection and quality oversight a little easier!