Latest Improvements and Fixes as of 5/30/2017

Latest additions, improvements and or fixes as of 5/30/2017

Futures Nevada – New guardian assessment & report added


MIECHV Form 1 (new)

  • “Guardian Enroll Date” is a new column on the Child excel

2 New HIPPYUSA Quarterly custom reports

  • These are custom reports released to the HIPPY state offices to assist HIPPY programs in completing their quarterly reporting requirements

HIPPY Curriculum Language

  • HIPPY Curriculum Language drop-down was not appearing¬†when creating a new guardian. This has been corrected

HIPPYUSA Parent Involvement Interview

  • Questions 7a and 7b were not showing up when selecting Post Test. ¬†This has been corrected.

PVR Report

  • “behavior question asked” was reporting inaccurately.
  • “Y” will display when the behavior question for any child on the PVR is answered as “Yes” or “No”