Latest Improvements and Fixes

Tobacco and Contraception Use questions on the PAT PVR

  • “Did not ask” was added as the default selection for each of these questions. Therefore when saving the PVR, there will be no entries added to the Health Info section for Tobacco and Contraception Use if the answer remains “Did not ask”.
  • Since there are 2 questions for Tobacco Use, no entry will be added to the Health Info section as long as both questions remain “Did not ask”.

 PVR Report

  • 2 items were added to the report – Books Lent? and Behavior Question Asked?

Health Insurance Continuity question

  • “Did not ask” was added as the default selection for the 6 month continuous coverage question

Search by ID

  • You can now enter the ID number for either a guardian or child in the search box to find that participant.
  • “No matching ID for your participants.” will appear if the participant isn’t a part of your program, not assigned to you or the ID is incorrect.

Safe Sleep Survey

  • A comments box has been added.

HIPPY Children Summary report

  • Site/Fund Code filter has been added. This report can be run for children whose guardian is assigned a particular code.

Dental Care Survey

  • The following text has been added in the Health Info section to Dental Care:
  • “A child is considered to have a usual source of dental care, if a family has a dental home established regardless of whether or not the index child has had a visit.”