Latest Releases – 1/31/2018

Here are the latest releases this week.

NEW CHILD HEALTH INFO REPORT – “Services at Enrollment”

  • This report is included in the list of Health Info Reports in the Child section
  • Report will list each child and the answers to the diagnosed “delay, disability, or medical condition” questions answered at enrollment along with the “Currently receiving” selections in the Child Health Info section
  • Report is a CSV file you can open in Excel

HIPPY CURRICULUM LANGUAGE: “Both” was added as a selection

BREASTFEEDING SURVEY: “Unknown” was added as a selection

SITE/FUND CODE and MIECHV TARGET CHILD: The Site/Fund Code selected for the guardian will now be displayed under the MIECHV Target Child checkbox

PVR TEMPLATES: A “Show” checkbox was added to the PVR Templates in Setup. If you no longer want to see a template on the PVR, remove the check for that template in Setup

Thank you for your continued input and suggestions.