Saving Planning Guide or PVR by Rescheduling a Canceled Visit

If you have a canceled or a no show visit, and have already completed the Planning Guide, you can save it and transfer it to your rescheduled visit. To do this, go to the Guardian Contact History and click the edit icon (the pencil) on the right.

This will open the edit contact page.  Change the contact type to either Canceled by Guardian, Canceled by Home Visitor or No Show.  If you select any other type of contact, your Planning Guide will be deleted!  If you have a snow day or if your office is closed for any reason, this is a canceled by home visitor. You can include notes on your rescheduled visit. Once you have selected to cancel the visit, click to Save at the bottom.

A warning box will open saying “You have a planning guide and PVR created for this contact. Do you want to save the planning guide and PVR data by rescheduling a private contact?” click “OK”. If you click to “cancel” it will DELETE the planning guide or PVR that is associated with that date.

Once you click “OK”, you will be taken to the Reschedule Contact screen.  Enter the new date and time, select the children and click to Save.

If you don’t have the rescheduled date yet, leave the visit as it is, until you have talked to the family and have a new date scheduled.