MIECHV Software discussed at recent National convention!

MIECHV software was recently discussed, displayed, and taught at the National PAT convention held in St. Louis in November.   Reviews were overwhelmingly positive.  Visit Tracker Web is the leading and only endorsed software for PAT home visiting programs and many other models are also using that software including all Bureau of Indian Affairs home visiting groups.  Visit Tracker Web has undergone significant customization to handle data tracking on every MIECHV benchmark.  State leaders discussed how Visit Tracker is creating the data for independent analysis by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services office.  Illinois, Iowa, Washington, Utah, and others are also in discussions with Visit Tracker about the possibilities of MIECHV data tracking.  If your group is a MIECHV funded home visitation program and you are looking for software to help track and report that data, you can contact DataKeeper Technologies, owner of Visit Tracker Web software, at 1-800-532-7148.