Visit Tracker Web software aligns with MIECHV Needs!

Visit Tracker Web recently released their MIECHV Software MIECHV Benchmark Alignment document referencing each MIECHV benchmark and how Visit Tracker tracks, or soon plans to track, the data necessary for that benchmark.  All benchmarks will be tracked by end of year 2012.  While each MIECHV grant recipient can determine individually how they will measure each benchmark, Visit Tracker has incorporated a broad tracking mechanism to track data that might be used for each benchmark.  Many states are making sure their benchmark can be easily tracked by Visit Tracker before writing their measurement methods to ensure easy and efficient data tracking.  The recently approved “Form 1” will be incorporated into Visit Tracker and the “Form 2” document, which is specific to each grant recipient, is the one in question.  To get the data for “Form 2” some states are having Visit Tracker create specific reports for them, others are having Visit Tracker design exports for the raw data so that they can do their own analysis, and others are having Visit Tracker create XML exports.  All in all it is going very well despite the many different methods being used in each state.  Contact Visit Tracker Web support at 1-800-532-7148 if you have MIECHV Software data tracking needs.