New Feature: Scheduler – Setting Reminder Rules

A new feature was released last night.  In recent updates, we’ve been referring to this project as “Scheduler” and it gives Main Admins and State Account holders the ability to set reminder rules. The rules will then generate reminders automatically and assign them to home visitors and or helper admins.

The same 3 types of reminders that currently exist – General, Guardian and Child – are the types that rules can be set for.

Here is a general overview of the 3 Reminder types and rule parameter options you can apply. Click here to view a detailed tutorial.

General Reminder Rules

  • Set rules to remind home visitors and admins about doing data checks or report due dates
  • A rule can be set either with a specific date or set to occur on a monthly basis on a certain date each month.

Guardian Reminder Rules

  • Set rules to remind home visitors to conduct an assessment or update demographic entries.
  • A rule can be set for a specific date or based on the guardian’s enroll date.
  • Once the rule is set, it will be applied to all existing guardians where the rule still applies and all new guardians entered.

Child Reminder Rules

  • Child rules behave the same way guardian rules do.
  • There are a few more options in setting the reminder date for children. Like guardians, it can be set for a specific date and based on the child’s enroll date. In addition, reminders can be set based on the child’s age as well.

And here’s a reminder (pun intended). The Main Admin can also control when Reminders start showing on everyone’s home page. To see your complete list of reminders assigned to you, go to Calendar > Reminders.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year.