New Feature – Supervision Records

Last night, we added a new Supervision page in the Calendar section.

Here’s an overview of the Supervision project:

  • Staff Events with category of Supervision can be managed from the Supervision page in the Calendar tab.
  • Main Admins and Users with Supervision permission (see User Permissions post) can record supervision records for both Group and Individual Supervision sessions.
  • Supervision Notes is a new page under the Family section. Family Supervision Notes can be recorded on those families discussed during reflective supervision sessions (from the Supervision record) or directly in the family’s section.
  • Supervision in the Setup section – Certain record items can be managed under Setup > Supervision. Set the default for duration of Supervision events. Manage the list of Not Completed Reasons and Items Discussed.
  • Reports – Supervision reports have been added to the Admin / State / National column

A note about confidentiality

Supervision Records (Group and Individual) documenting the discussion between supervisors and home visitors can only be viewed by the Main Admin and the Supervisor that created the record.

Only users granted permission to the Supervision section can record Supervision records. Users with Supervision permission will be shown in the “Supervisor” selection list when a session is being scheduled.

Family Supervision Notes can be seen by the Main Admin, all Helper Admins, Read-Only Admins and the home visitor assigned. Only the Supervisor that created the Note can edit.

Let us know if you have any questions.