New Feature – User Permissions

We’ve added user permissions to the Main Admin’s capabilities under the SETUP section.

The section “Add’l Admins” has changed to “User Management” in Setup. This new feature gives the Main Admin the ability to assign additional permissions to Helper Admins and Home Visitors.

  • Home Visitors can be given “Full access – Data entry” which is equivalent to Helper Admin permissions allowing them to enter data on all families and children in the system. NOTE – Home Visitors that are also in a data management role in the program no longer have to have a separate Helper Admin login.
  • Record Management – Main Admins can assign certain users to manage specific records like Reminders and Supervision Records. Also the Main Admin can control who can delete families and contacts.
  • Setup – Certain users can now be granted the ability to manage sections under SETUP as well. Typically this section has been limited to only the Main Admin. Now the Main Admin can grant access to this section – all or portions – to any user.

See the additional posts regarding Reminders Improvements and Supervision records.

Let us know if you have any questions.