The new MIECHV Form 1 report is ready

Administrators and home visitors can now run the new MIECHV Form 1 report. You’ll find it listed under the “Admin / State / National” reports column as “MIECHV Form 1 (new)“.

This report includes many of the new items we added back in the fall. As with the MIECHV Form 1 report that you are accustomed to running, there is still a pop-up window for ‘Unknown/Did not report’ numbers. This pop-up window has been expanded to include the title of the table the list is generated from, the ID of the child/guardian and the ID of the home visitor as well.


In addition to improving the ‘Unknown/Did not report’ pop-up, there is another brand new feature to help you see all the guardians and children included in the report. You can now export the guardians and the children to Excel along with all the data associated with those individuals used for the report. Choose “to only export the guardians that have missing data. Same goes for children. The Excel will give you the list of individuals and contain “no data” in the columns where data is needed for the report but no data has been recorded.

If you want a list of all guardians and all children in the report, including those with missing data, then run the Excel export for “All Guardians” and “All Children”.

TIP: To check that all your children are appropriately marked as MIECHV Target Children and the guardian has the right Site/Fund Code, use the children export.

Finally, the report can be run by the administrators to view numbers for the whole program and by home visitors to see their report for the families they are serving.