Requests & Suggestions

We’ve been asking for your suggestions and wish list. And you all have answered us. There’s a lot of great suggestions coming in through the Help Desk ticketing system. But we’ve also had our head down working hard on the Multiple Guardians project. So it may seem like those suggestions are getting sucked into a black hole!

We are listening and those suggestions are being worked on. Here’s a list of the suggestions that will be included with the Multiple Guardians release and those that will follow afterwards. This isn’t a 100% of everything going on. If your suggestion isn’t listed here, we’ll be getting to it.

In the Multiple Guardians release:

  • Milestones – The date fields for Achieved and Emerging will be editable.
  • PVR – # weeks pregnant will auto-calculate based on the prenatal child Due Date
  • The Home Visitor assigned to the family and child will show on the Family home page rather than having to navigate to the Children page
  • Goals
    • The Goal and Steps/Resources Needed will show on the Goals page in the history table
    • Printing Goals – You’ll be able to print the goals from the family’s Goals section and not have to run a report from Reports. The printout will have the same fields as the PAT Goals Record
  • Printing Child Health Records – Each health record can be printed from the child’s Screenings page
  • Preferences – There’s a lot to being added and improved in the Main Admin’s Preferences section – so much that it will require it’s own promotion once Mutliple Guardians is released. Just know for now that we are expanding your control over what you want – and don’t want – to see in your Visit Tracker.


  • Kansas KIDS exports – The KS KIDS exports are being updated according to the Kansas requirements. This is scheduled to be released April 17
  • MO Invoice is being updated. This is scheduled to be released April 17
  • HIPPY Quarterly report – Families and Home Visits. This report is being updated to included the HUSA validations and more tools to investigate any missing data. This report is scheduled for mid May
  • PAT ISR – We’ll be updating the PAT ISR report for those programs that are Approved Users

Resource Connections –

We’re updating the Resource Connections which will be release immediately after Multiple Guardians. A couple notable requests will be addressed:

  • Adding a Progress Note – Notes can be recorded separate from a follow-up. We’re also improving how the Resource Connections appear on the PVR and you’ll be able to add a progress note without having to open up the connection at all.
  • Connections on the PVR – Which Connections do you want to show on the PVR? Now the answer will be, “You decide.” We’re adding the ability for you to indicate whether a connection will continue to show on the PVR or remove from the PVR

Some more suggestions in the works

  • Other Contacts – This request will increase the contact types scheduled and give you more fields to indicate the activities included in other contacts you are making with the families
  • Locked PVR – Ability to lock a PVR once completed
  • Group Connections – Attendance will be listed alphabetically
  • Languages – Creole will be added to the list of languages
  • Household – Age will be calculated from the birth date entered for siblings and other adults

Thank you for your suggestions.