coordinated intake

Updates to Coordinated Intake

Updates to Coordinated Intake were released over the weekend. Here’s a summary of that project. DUPLICATE APPLICATION WARNING When entering a new referral, you’ll be warned about potential duplicate applications that already exist. When a potential duplicate is detected (when clicking Save), those applications will be listed at the top above the new application you …

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Coordinated Intake Updates

There have been a few updates to Coordinated Intake within the last week or so. Here’s an overview of what those are. CASE STATUS SUMMARY REPORT This report analyzes new coordinated intake applications – those created and received within a chosen period of time. The report was updated to include a breakdown of the following: …

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Coordinated Intake Reports Updated

For Coordinated Intake Agencies, the Case Status Summary and CIAT Export reports have  been updated. Case Status Summary This report analyzes new applications For the CI Agency that is running the report, a new application is an application created by the CI Agency or received by the CI Agency. Use the date range filter to …

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