New Feature and Fixes Released 8/3/2018


We’ve made some improvements to the Preferences section under the Main Admin’s Setup


  • We’ve received some requests to make the email verification a function that can be turned on or off so that guardians aren’t receiving automated messages when you first enter their information.
  • In “Guardian Fields to Display”, the first in the list is Email verification where you can now control.
  • Everyone’s account has the function turned on. So if you no longer want email verifications to be sent, then set it to ‘No’.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are using the “Send email” feature at all, email verifications should be set to ‘Yes’.


  • The list of assessments has been growing. You can now control which ones you want to see in that list.
  • In Preferences, we’ve added “Family / Guardian Assessments to Display”. Only have those assessments you are using set to “Yes”.
  • NOTE: Only the assessments set to “Yes” will show in the list when adding a new assessment and the Assessment Reports section.

Each section in Preferences is now expandable and collapsable. Hopefully, this will help reduce the amount of scrolling as we continue to add more controls for you.


HFA LEVELS – The new levels and weights have been updated for all HFA programs.

CUSTOM REPORT ACCOUNTS – The start date default can now be set by you! Go to Profile > Set Start Date for Reports. The end date will now default to the current date.

SITE/FUND CODE – The Site/Fund Code is now fully editable. Any incorrect entries can be fully edited or deleted in the history table at the bottom of the Guardian Data page.


APR Section II #12 – The issue with prenatals being counted in this section has been corrected.

Child Health Record Immunizations – “Immunizations Current as of” field on the Child Data page is now updated by the “Immunizations up to date” information on the Child Health Record.

Child Exit Report – The Exit Report for exited children is now functioning correctly.


New Family Intake Record Inputs & APR Updates


The APR has been updated.

Section VI #10: Did ALL (100%) parent educators review and document updates to the PAT Milestones Record for each enrolled child after each visit?

  • How Visit Tracker is defining “Yes” and “No”
    • No” if any PVR in the date range is marked “No” for “Milestones Reviewed” for any child on the PVR
    • Yes” if ALL PVR’s in the date range are marked “Yes”  for “Milestones Reviewed” for each child on the PVR


We’ve recently added new fields to allow for all data required on PAT’s Family Intake Record to be entered.

  • Note: The Pre-enrollment section is being included in the On Hold project which is currently being developed.


  • New section in the Guardian tab
  • Add Siblings and Residents not enrolled in the program

Referral Date

  • Insert the date for when the Referral Source referred the family to your program
  • This field can be set to show or not show from the Preferences section in Setup

Speaks English

  • Indicate whether the guardian speaks English
  • This field functions independent of the Primary and Secondary Language selections
  • This field can be set to show or not show from the Preferences section in Setup

Ethnic Category

  • This field has been changed to default to blank.
  • Click on the drop-down to select Hispanic and not Hispanic
  • This change has been applied to both the Guardian and Child


Latest Additions 12/19/2017

First of all we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We hope you all have a very festive holiday season.

Here the latest updates we released this week.


PAT Data In Motion

We’re working our way through the Data In Motion document to get Visit Tracker up-to-date with the latest PAT Model Requirements. Here’s the latest additions

  • Case Weight: We have updated Case Weight to include families with multiple children. Here’s the tutorial with more details about this update. (view Case Weight article)
  • Family Synthesis Record: For those programs that are not using 1 of the PAT approved Family Centered Assessment tools, you can now access the Family Synthesis Record in the Guardian Assessments section. Click on “Family Synthesis” in the “+ Add New” list.

Guardian Assessments

  • Survey of Parenting Practice: Another new assessment has been added to the Guardian Assessments list


PAT Data In Motion

  • APR 17-18 Updates
  • Placing a family on hold
  • PVR and Planning Guide updates
  • LSP Child Scales

Other Features and Additions

  • Reminders (new feature)
  • Resource Connection & Information Shared reports
  • Group Connections updated for HIPPYUSA reporting

Emailing Invoices

A new automated Invoicing feature has recently been released. All Program Admins now have an Invoices section under Setup listing all invoices. The most recent invoice will be listed at the top. In many cases, you need to send that invoice on to someone else that will handle the payment. Here’s an easy way to email it to that person.



  • Only the Program Admin has access to the Invoices section


  • The most recent invoice is listed at the top
  • Click on the email icon highlighted on the right
  • Be sure to click the email icon for the Open invoice. This will always be the top invoice.


  • After clicking the email icon, a pop-up window will open
  • Type in the email address of the person you want to send the invoice to
  • The invoice will be attached to the email sent and indicate that you are the one that sent the email

Hopefully this new feature adds efficiency and convenience for you. Let us know if you have any questions.

Licensing Agreement Finalized with PAT

Visit Tracker Web and Parents As Teachers have finalized a licensing agreement which allows our Users to build PAT Records in Visit Tracker.

This license will ensure that you can use Visit Tracker as your chosen database to demonstrate how your program follows the essential requirements of the PAT model and the Quality Assurance process.

As changes are made to Essential Requirements and model fidelity standards, Visit Tracker will work with Parents As Teachers National to ensure that we understand what those changes are and incorporate them into Visit Tracker Web.

We look forward to continue serving you.

Visit Tracker Web to make changes to MO Invoice Report for FY2014

Visit Tracker Web home visiting software is currently working on some changes to reflect updates to the state of Missouri’s DESE Invoice report.  Here are some changes to the Invoice report:

  • Non High Needs families will have access to 12 family personal visits instead of 10.
  • MO has adopted the National PAT office High Needs Characteristics but will also keep Single Parent Family and ELL.
  • Changes for the Invoice and Final Report effective for FY14 and will only collect Section I, II and III.

Changes will be available beginning August 2013.  If you are not currently using Visit Tracker Web home visiting software (and still hand counting for your reports), check out our demo at Visit Tracker.  Go to the Reports tab and see just how easy  your reporting can be!

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software will release PAT APR Report soon!

Home Visiting Software, Visit Tracker Web, is working hard to update the 2012-2013 Annual Performance Report for PAT National Center. We anticipate this report to come out by mid April.  If you have ever done an APR by hand counting all home visits, screening, children and families, you know how time consuming this can be!  With Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software, this report will be done in just minutes.  It really is THAT easy!  Visit our demo in mid April to see the APR report or visit the demo at Visit Tracker Web today to see the many other reports we have in our reports tab.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email any time.  We can be reached at 1-800-532-7148 or  We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software!