Tips for Auditing your APR

The end of the year is upon us, and we wanted to share some tips to start auditing your APR. This is a good time to beginning looking at the APR to be sure your data is as accurate as possible!

90 Day Compliance Reports – In Visit Tracker, we have 2 different “new enrolled” compliance reports; one for newly enrolled children to meet their screening requirements within 90 days, and the other is the assessment compliance to ensure guardians are receiving their assessment within the first 90 days.  Both of these reports can be found under the Reports tab, in the far right column.

The Assessment Compliance Report will show you 2 different sets of data. The first filter, “Show guardians whose first personal visit after the enroll date is in the date range” will be the newly enrolled guardian and the second filter “Show all guardians with at least 1 personal visit in the date range” will show you any guardian that may be missing their yearly assessment. Each guardian must have an assessment completed each year. The assessment will be counted from the Assessments link under the guardian, or from the PVR where the home visitor can check that the “Family Centered Assessment” was completed.

Yearly Screening – To be sure that all children have had an updated screening for the year, you can run the Screening Report, and then select the filter to show you “Any active child without a completed screening in this date range”. This will give you an idea of children that still need a screening before the end of the year.

Yearly Goals – The Goals/Plans report will also tell you any guardian that has had a visit, but does not yet have a goal set. Under the filters, check the box “Guardians visited but had no goal set in the date range”. Remember, for goals, a NEW goal needs to be set each program year. If you have a long-term goal that is being carried over from last year, this does not count a new goal.

Yearly Resource Connections – Each guardian will need to have at least one Resouce Connection.  Under the Resource Connections Report, you can run to show “Guardians with no Resource Connection”. This will list for you the guardians without a Resource Connection. Keep in mind, if you have a child that was referred because of a screening, and there is a referral on the screening page, this will count as a Resource Connection. It will not show on this report, as this report only shows the Resource Connections under the guardian, but the screening referral will count on your APR.

Visit Frequency – The Visit Frequency Report will tell you how many families are meeting their monthly visit goal. High needs families (2 or more high needs characteristics) need to have an “Actual Frequency” of 1.5 or higher, and non-high needs (0 or 1 high needs characteristics) will need to have an “Actual Frequency” of .75 or higher. The Actual Frequency is essentially the average number of visits the family has had in the date range. This report will only look at the time the family was Active, so if they enrolled mid-year, the visit frequency will only calculate from the time the guardians enrolled, and the same is true for families that exit before the end of the program year. The time a guardian was On Hold, will be subtracted from the calculation, so only the time the guardian was Active, will be counted.

We know the end of year reporting can be stressful. Please reach out by phone, email or the Support tab for help with your reports. We are happy to help!