Projects Update 4/25/2018

Here’s an update on the latest happenings and what to look forward to.


Planning Guide Improvements and other items


Site/Fund Code Tracking

  • History tracking is being added to Site/Fund Codes
  • There will be a history table added to the Guardian Data page just below Status History


On Hold Updates – With the release of history tracking recently, there have been some corrections and fine-tuning needed to make this work better for you. These changes will apply to both the guardian and child

  • Enroll Dates – An enroll date will only be assigned to a participant when they are first made Active  (new guardians/children) or when they are first made Active following an Exited status.
  • Mailing Only – There will no longer be an Enroll Date associated with Mailing only. With all statuses now, there will be Start and End Dates assigned.
  • Editing –
    • The current status will now be able to be fully edited – changed to a different status, different start date, etc
    • All statuses will be editable from the History Table. Only the current status can be fully edited
  • Deleting
    • Only the current status can be deleted from the History Table.
    • When the current status is deleted, then the next status becomes the “current status” and then becomes editable.
  • Start and End Dates will not be able to overlap.
    • Start Dates will be designated by the user
    • End Dates will be assigned to the last status as the day before the Start Date of the current status
  • When a guardian/child is in Active status, the only statuses that will be available to change to is Inactive/On Hold or Exited.

Child Health Record – This record is being added to the Child Screenings section. The original Screening Record will still be available for programs not using the longer Child Health Record form

Resource Connections

  • “Pertains to” is a field being added so that you can select who the connection is for. NOTE: Resource Connections related to the child due to a screening will still be recorded on the child’s screening record.
  • “Connection Type” is being updated
  • “Progress Notes” are being added to the Follow Up section


These projects are ready and waiting to get started.

  • Child Information Record
  • Parent Outcomes Assessments – PAPF, AAPI-2, HFPI
  • Kansas KIDS Exports


  • Family Centered Assessments – Family Map and Mid America Health Start
  • PVR Improvements – Planning Guide improvements have just been released. Improvements to the PVR will be similar. In addition, we’ll be looking to improve how the Planning Guide “feeds” information to the PVR.