You asked… PVR Report, Language, and more

We’ve updated Visit Tracker with a handful of requests. Here’s a summary of the those updates.

PVR Report – Can now be run based on PVR completion. Additionally, we’ve added a column to report the Location.

PAT Health Record – Saving and Scrolling

The Health Record is a very long record. When saving each section along the way, the page reloads and brings you back to the top of the page making you scroll back down to where you left off. We’ve corrected this. The page will reload and return to your current place.

Filipino has been added to the language selections.

PVR and Contact start time – When updating the start time of the private contact on the PVR, the Contact page where the private contact was scheduled originally will be updated as well.

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Thank you for your input and helping us make sure Visit Tracker works for you.