You asked… Supervision & Staff Events

Thanks to your continued input, we’ve recently made some updates related to Staff Events (formerly PDC/Training events) and Supervision records.

Supervision Events and Records

Supervision can now be scheduled and recorded with Helper Admins. In “Contact With”, the list will include Helper Admins.

Staff Events

First, PDC/Trainings was renamed to Staff Events because the events are more than just professional development and training. These events include supervision, meetings, observations, file review, etc.

Where you can access the list of scheduled Staff Events and create new events has been updated. Still located in the Calendar, Staff Events has also been added to:

  • Home Page – for Admins
  • Home Visitor page

Home Page – Both Staff Events and Supervision can now be accessed from here

Home Visitor page

Thank you very much for your input on making Visit Tracker a more valuable tool for the home visiting community.