UPDATE 5/16 – Upcoming Releases: Site/Fund Codes & Resource Connections

UPDATE 5/16 – We are conducting more testing on Site/Fund Code Tracking and all related reports before releasing these 2 projects. The release of these projects is expected to be over the weekend of 5/18. We will announce once these projects have been officially released.



Updates have been made to Resource Connections

  • The Resource Connections page will display connections entered. Click “pencil” to view, edit, and enter follow-ups / progress
  • Enter a new Connection – Click on the “Add a new Resource Connection”
  • “Pertains to” – You can now select who the Resource Connection relates to.
  • Progress notes have been added. Entered follow-ups and/or progress notes
  • Connection Types have been updated
  • Knowledgebase tutorial has been updated

Tips for Auditing your APR

The end of the year is upon us, and we wanted to share some tips to start auditing your APR. This is a good time to beginning looking at the APR to be sure your data is as accurate as possible!

90 Day Compliance Reports – In Visit Tracker, we have 2 different “new enrolled” compliance reports; one for newly enrolled children to meet their screening requirements within 90 days, and the other is the assessment compliance to ensure guardians are receiving their assessment within the first 90 days.  Both of these reports can be found under the Reports tab, in the far right column.

The Assessment Compliance Report will show you 2 different sets of data. The first filter, “Show guardians whose first personal visit after the enroll date is in the date range” will be the newly enrolled guardian and the second filter “Show all guardians with at least 1 personal visit in the date range” will show you any guardian that may be missing their yearly assessment. Each guardian must have an assessment completed each year. The assessment will be counted from the Assessments link under the guardian, or from the PVR where the home visitor can check that the “Family Centered Assessment” was completed.

Yearly Screening – To be sure that all children have had an updated screening for the year, you can run the Screening Report, and then select the filter to show you “Any active child without a completed screening in this date range”. This will give you an idea of children that still need a screening before the end of the year.

Yearly Goals – The Goals/Plans report will also tell you any guardian that has had a visit, but does not yet have a goal set. Under the filters, check the box “Guardians visited but had no goal set in the date range”. Remember, for goals, a NEW goal needs to be set each program year. If you have a long-term goal that is being carried over from last year, this does not count a new goal.

Yearly Resource Connections – Each guardian will need to have at least one Resouce Connection.  Under the Resource Connections Report, you can run to show “Guardians with no Resource Connection”. This will list for you the guardians without a Resource Connection. Keep in mind, if you have a child that was referred because of a screening, and there is a referral on the screening page, this will count as a Resource Connection. It will not show on this report, as this report only shows the Resource Connections under the guardian, but the screening referral will count on your APR.

Visit Frequency – The Visit Frequency Report will tell you how many families are meeting their monthly visit goal. High needs families (2 or more high needs characteristics) need to have an “Actual Frequency” of 1.5 or higher, and non-high needs (0 or 1 high needs characteristics) will need to have an “Actual Frequency” of .75 or higher. The Actual Frequency is essentially the average number of visits the family has had in the date range. This report will only look at the time the family was Active, so if they enrolled mid-year, the visit frequency will only calculate from the time the guardians enrolled, and the same is true for families that exit before the end of the program year. The time a guardian was On Hold, will be subtracted from the calculation, so only the time the guardian was Active, will be counted.

We know the end of year reporting can be stressful. Please reach out by phone, email or the Support tab for help with your reports. We are happy to help!



Projects Update 4/25/2018

Here’s an update on the latest happenings and what to look forward to.


Planning Guide Improvements and other items


Site/Fund Code Tracking

  • History tracking is being added to Site/Fund Codes
  • There will be a history table added to the Guardian Data page just below Status History


On Hold Updates – With the release of history tracking recently, there have been some corrections and fine-tuning needed to make this work better for you. These changes will apply to both the guardian and child

  • Enroll Dates – An enroll date will only be assigned to a participant when they are first made Active  (new guardians/children) or when they are first made Active following an Exited status.
  • Mailing Only – There will no longer be an Enroll Date associated with Mailing only. With all statuses now, there will be Start and End Dates assigned.
  • Editing –
    • The current status will now be able to be fully edited – changed to a different status, different start date, etc
    • All statuses will be editable from the History Table. Only the current status can be fully edited
  • Deleting
    • Only the current status can be deleted from the History Table.
    • When the current status is deleted, then the next status becomes the “current status” and then becomes editable.
  • Start and End Dates will not be able to overlap.
    • Start Dates will be designated by the user
    • End Dates will be assigned to the last status as the day before the Start Date of the current status
  • When a guardian/child is in Active status, the only statuses that will be available to change to is Inactive/On Hold or Exited.

Child Health Record – This record is being added to the Child Screenings section. The original Screening Record will still be available for programs not using the longer Child Health Record form

Resource Connections

  • “Pertains to” is a field being added so that you can select who the connection is for. NOTE: Resource Connections related to the child due to a screening will still be recorded on the child’s screening record.
  • “Connection Type” is being updated
  • “Progress Notes” are being added to the Follow Up section


These projects are ready and waiting to get started.

  • Child Information Record
  • Parent Outcomes Assessments – PAPF, AAPI-2, HFPI
  • Kansas KIDS Exports


  • Family Centered Assessments – Family Map and Mid America Health Start
  • PVR Improvements – Planning Guide improvements have just been released. Improvements to the PVR will be similar. In addition, we’ll be looking to improve how the Planning Guide “feeds” information to the PVR.

Upcoming release for the weekend of 4/20/2018

Here are a few things we’re releasing this weekend.


Improvements have been made to the PAT Planning Guide

  • Section headers are larger and items that fall under that header are indented
  • Ordering now aligns with the PAT Planning Guide for
  • Print version – If you are creating lists/bullets in the text fields, the print version will preserve the list format.
  • Resizing – The Planning Guide will adjust according to the device and screen resolution you are using.

We’ll be continuing to make improvements to the Planning Guide and Personal Visit Record throughout the next couple of months.


HIPPY Home Visit Record Report – This report has been updated to properly report the individuals present at a home visit based on the recent edits to the HIPPY PVR

Bracken assessment – “Invalid testing” is being changed to “Too many incorrect answers”

Family Synthesis Record – Text fields will be expandable. Print version improved.

Service Counts Report update

  • If a guardian exits on the first day in the report date range with no contacts on that day, the guardian will be listed on the report with 0 contacts
  • If a guardian enrolls on the last day of the date range, the guardian will be listed on the report with 0 contacts



Guardian Information Record

Fields are being added and updated according to PAT collection requirements on the Guardian Information Record. Here’s a summary of all the updates that will be released over the weekend.

Please note that as we are adding new fields, we are aware that not all programs follow the same data collection requirements. This year, we will be working on more features that will provide all administrators better controls over what fields do, and do not, show on the webpages.

Guardian Health Info Section

Tobacco Survey – 2 new questions added to the survey

Medical Visits – 1 question about referrals added

4 New sections added

Guardian Education History

Employment Status has been added.

Please see “Note“.  MIECHV Form 1 will still only report employment based on “#hrs/wk”


Health Info reports have been updated and added

Let us know if you have any questions.

Invoices and Purchase Orders for Visit Tracker payment

The main administrator for the Visit Tracker account has access to the Visit Tracker invoice.  Invoices will no longer be emailed, so please be sure to check if you have an open invoice.  When an admin logins into Visit Tracker, there will be a warning at the top of the page letting you know there is an open invoice.

Please note price changes that will go into effect July 1, 2018.  Please visit our pricing page:  https://data-keeper.com/pricing/

If your school district/organization creates Purchase Orders for payment, the admin can enter those PO numbers directly onto the invoice.  There is no need to email, fax or send this PO’s directly to us.

To enter a PO, first go to the Set Up tab, and then the Invoices link on the left (only the main admin will have access to Invoices).

Once you are on the Invoices page, the top invoice will be the most recent.  You can click on the Edit icon (the pencil) on the right to edit the invoice or enter a PO number.  From this screen, you can also email your invoice (the envelope icon) or you can print it (the printer icon).

On the edit invoice screen, there is a field to enter the PO number and date.  Be sure to save at the bottom of the page. Once the invoice has been saved, it will be updated immediately and can be printed or emailed.

Please understand that a PO is not payment, and the account will continue to show an open invoice until we have received the check. If you have a purchase order on file and you know the payment will not reach us by the due date, please email help@data-keeper.com and we will be happy to provide you with a grace period.

If you have additional questions about Visit Tracker pricing, you can visit our pricing page at: https://data-keeper.com/pricing/ or email help@data-keeper.com

New features to be released this weekend 3/29/2018

Here are a few things being added into Visit Tracker this weekend.



  • Child primary and secondary language fields have been added to the Child Data page
  • The Main Admin can choose to set these fields to be shown, or not shown, in Setup > Preferences > Child Fields to Display


  • Archiving – Coordinated Intake Agencies will be able to archive, and unarchive, applications
  • Recall – If an application has been sent to the Home Visiting Agency, the CI Agency will be able to “recall” that application simply by deleting the last intake entry as long as that entry is still “Deliver”.
  • Referral Agencies – The CI Admin can now add Referral Agencies into the Setup section. Any agency listed here will now show in the Intake History section when selecting Reason = “Referred to non VT Program”

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Family Information Record Updates

Fields have been updated and added related to the PAT – Family Information Record.

Here’s the link to the Knowledgebase article that has the details and screenshots.



Family Experiences: Strengths and Stressors

  • “High Needs Characteristics” and “Additional Characteristics” has been updated with the new “Strengths and Stressors” list. All previous fields have been matched to the new fields, many of which still had the same name or very similar. The big difference is the Start and End Date fields.
  • IMPORTANT: No reports have been updated to account for the Start and End Date fields. Visit Tracker should be receiving guidance on how the APR will report Family Experiences from PAT in the 2018-2019 APR Instructions this summer. At that point, we’ll gain insight into all other reports and the update needed.

Family Income History

  • Selections have been edited and added to the “Income Type”. 

Community Type

  • A new field “Community Type” was added to the Guardian Data page.


Project Update 3/20/2018

Here’s an update on the latest happenings and what to look forward to.


Report Processing – Some of the more complex reports have a Pending and Ready feature. Since those reports sometimes take longer to run, they will get added to the Pending section and allowed more time to process allowing you to move on to other things. Once ready, it will appear in the Ready to View section.

Monthly Package

  • Family Synthesis Record – Printer-friendly version added. Text box to list other tools used to complete the record
  • Calendar can be printed in color

MO Invoice Report – This report has been updated to include Section IV

MIECHV Form 1 – Any guardians or children that have been re-enrolled in the program and have a second enroll date will be counted as Continuing in Table 1.

Coordinated Intake – CI Agencies can now give individuals access to their account as read-only admins

HIPPY Group Connection Report – This report has been corrected and is reporting correctly.


Family Information Record – Needed fields to complete the Family Information Record are being added to Visit Tracker. Once released, details of the new fields will be sent out prior to the release.

  • Note – One bigger change to note with this record is that the Demographics page will be updated with a new Family Stressors list. Still similar to the current checkboxes in High Needs and Additional Characteristics with the addition of Start and End Dates being added.


Guardian Information Record

File Uploads – Visit Tracker will integrate with DropBox to add file uploading capability for all users associated with one Visit Tracker account

Site/Fund Code Tracking – Site/Fund Codes will be able to be tracked over time with the ability to add start and end dates and updating codes.

Coordinated Intake – New updates are being added to the Coordinated Intake interface such as archiving applications for CI Agencies, adding Referral Agency lists to designate where applications are being sent if not to a home visiting agency and scheduling of the initial home visit.


These projects are ready and waiting to get started.

  • Reminders – the much-anticipated feature allowing you to set reminders about upcoming data collection needs
  • Resource Connections – updates to match PAT Resource Connection Record


  • Planning Guide and PVR updates
  • Child Health Record
  • Parent Outcome Assessments

Latest Release 3/15/2018

2 new projects have been completed and released earlier this week.

Child Disability, Delays, and Conditions

When adding a new child, the question is asked if the child has a delay, disability or condition at enrollment. If you check “Y” then a new question will appear along with the additional question if the child is receiving services.

Release details

  • “Is this a developmental delay?” – New question added to specifically address MIECHV reporting and to be able to exclude children from MIECHV screening requirements if the answer is yes.
  • These questions can be updated and tracked over time from the child’s Health Info section.
  • The impact to reports is specific to Illinois reports – MIECHV Form 2 Illinois and the Data Tracking Report
  • Link to tutorialhttps://help.data-keeper.com/knowledgebase.php?article=40

Coordinated Intake – Illinois

Release details

  • Archiving – Home visiting agencies now have the ability to archive coordinated intake applications
  • Progress Notes – Program Admins and Home Visitors can add progress notes to applications being worked on.
  • Enroll Date and Site/Fund Code – These fields were added to the Intake History section when selecting Enroll
  • Verbal Consent – Added as a checkbox to the application