Group Connections is live!

The new Group Connections plan and record has been released. The updates include all requirements related to HIPPY and PAT. Here’s a tutorial posted in the Tutorial section of the Knowledgebase: https://help.data-keeper.com/knowledgebase.php?article=38 Let us know if you have any questions.

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Recent Releases 1/16/2018

PROJECTS RELEASED Resource Connections Reports “Resource Connections” in the Service Reports columns replaces “Resource Referrals” There are 3 reports now available to provide you with Resource Connection and Information Shared data “Resource Connections” – This report will display all connections made within the date range specified. The connections displayed will be for those families that

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Latest Additions 12/19/2017

First of all we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We hope you all have a very festive holiday season. Here the latest updates we released this week. LATEST ADDITIONS PAT Data In Motion We’re working our way through the Data In Motion document to get Visit Tracker up-to-date

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TUTORIAL: Resource Connections for Child Screenings

TUTORIAL – Resource Connections for Child Screenings (link to Knowledgebase article) RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION FOR A CHILD SCREENING From the child’s Screenings page, there is a list of all screenings conducted. In this example, the latest screening is an ASQ-3 conducted on 10/1/2017. There is a Developmental Delay indicated but no referral made. To

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Tutorial: Resource Connections

RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION  (download a pdf version of this post from our Knowledgebase article.) Note: Resource Connections recorded as a result of a child screening are recorded directly on the Child Screening record. Not in the guardian tab as demonstrated here. RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION FROM THE GUARDIAN TAB The “Resource Connection” section is

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