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User Management

Main Admin – Did you know that under User Managment, you have the ability to grant additional permissions to Helper Admins and Home Visitors? Home Visitors can be given “Full access – Data entry” which is equivalent to Helper Admin permissions allowing them to enter data on all families and children in the system. NOTE – Home Visitors …

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Reports – What does CSV mean?

We have been adding the option of running reports as a CSV. CSV will export your report into a spreadsheet. The advantage of working with the spreadsheet, is that you can easily manipulate the data by filtering or sorting by different columns. If you are unfamiliar with how to filter and sort a spreadsheet, here …

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Where to find the DIAL-4

The DIAL-4 is listed under the “Developmental / Social Emotional” category type, since that screening tool includes both the Development and Social Emotional components.  Take a look and let us know if you have additional questions!Thank you

Highlight: Reminder Rules

You may already be familiar with Reminders that can be created for a family, child or in general. Reminders are available to set for all users. But Reminder Rules are automatic reminders that be set by the Main Admin under the Setup > Reminders section. Reminder Rules can be created based on model compliance, funder …

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Screenings and APR FAQs

Since the Screening update in February, there are been some questions in regards to how screenings are counted on the APR. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding screenings and the APR. Question: On the Screening page-why do we have Health screening listed along with the PAT Health Record.  The Health asks if the Health …

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Family Enrollment Status

We often get questions regarding mistakes made to the Family Enrollment status. Either a family is accidentally exited, or maybe a family needs to be reactivated to add some missed data. To resolve these issues, you can often delete the status that was added. For example, if you exited a family accidentally, you can just …

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Adding a Virtual Visit

Due to current events, your organization may decide to implement Virtual Visits. Before you do this, please be sure to check with your Curriculum National Center for guidance. We have just added the option to select “Video Conference” or  “Telecommunication“ on the PVR. Currently, there are two places where you can document a “Virtual Visit”. First, …

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