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Error due to double-clicking save

For those of us who learned how to use computers in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, we were always taught to ‘double-click’ when saving or opening a file. Gone are the days of needing to double click and for Visit Tracker, double-clicking can actually cause some problems.  Whenever you are saving, please be sure to click …

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Need a spell checker?

Grammarly is a quick and easy solution for grammar and spell checking that can be installed on your computer in minutes. And it’s FREE. It will work with all Visit Tracker pages and any other applications you are working in. Install Grammarly Once Grammarly is installed, you’ll see the little green circle shown here in …

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Federal Poverty Level 2018 – %FPL Fixed

This week many of you noticed that the %FPL column was not calculating for your latest Family Income History entries. This is now fixed. We’ve added the 2018 Federal Poverty Level calculations. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

User tip! You can use dictation on your mobile device

Did you know that on your iPhone or iPad, you can use the dictation feature when filling in a text box in Visit Tracker? Simply click the dictation icon on the keypad and speak! You can say words like “period” or “comma” to add punctuation. Be sure to save your work when you are done!

TUTORIAL: Resource Connections for Child Screenings

TUTORIAL – Resource Connections for Child Screenings (link to Knowledgebase article) RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION FOR A CHILD SCREENING From the child’s Screenings page, there is a list of all screenings conducted. In this example, the latest screening is an ASQ-3 conducted on 10/1/2017. There is a Developmental Delay indicated but no referral made. To …

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Timing Out Issues

There have been timing out issues over the past couple of weeks. We see the issues as they are happening and work hard to analyze and correct as quick as possible. We have identified 2 things thus far that cause these issues and want to share with you what we have found and corrections we’ve …

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Emailing from Visit Tracker

Did you know that you can email guardians, individually or in mass, straight from Visit Tracker? When you set up a new guardian, and enter an email address, the guardian will automatically be emailed a “verification” email from us, on your behalf.  The email will be sent from a Visit Tracker email, but your name …

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Tutorial: Resource Connections

RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION  (download a pdf version of this post from our Knowledgebase article.) Note: Resource Connections recorded as a result of a child screening are recorded directly on the Child Screening record. Not in the guardian tab as demonstrated here. RECORDING A RESOURCE CONNECTION FROM THE GUARDIAN TAB The “Resource Connection” section is …

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Resource: TeacherSherpa

If you are looking for more resources and activities for your families, I came across this website the other day – The activities are free and designed by teachers.  There looks to be a ton of cool activities for the kids you are serving and their older siblings. So if you are looking for activities …

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